Live a simple life. Sounds easy right? When I think of living in such a way, images of breathtaking landscapes flood my mind. It’s funny how simple life can truly feel when you are surrounded by a warm sandy beach or a beautiful snow capped mountain. But life isn’t all that simple sometimes. Truth is, we all face trials that challenge us to our very core. The specific challenge this blog will be zooming in on is mental health.

My name is Abby and I work for a non-profit organization created to assist individuals with disabilities in improving and building their life skills. Simple Life Inc. wants to make life simple, positive, healthy, and fulfilling. We are dedicated to enriching lives through our Day Habilitation and Home Based Habilitation services. If you are interested in learning more about our program, feel free to check out our website at https://simplelifeinc.com/ but I would also encourage you to simply keep the conversation about mental health going.

“Society is so quick to label mental health in such an extreme and belittling way.”

As reluctant as I am to admit this, I was very ignorant about mental health when I applied for this company. I came into this job with the desire to help people, but I knew very little about this field. It didn’t take long for me to realize many people have the wrong idea as to what mental health is. Often times, I would explain my job to someone and they would make thoughtless inaccurate assumptions that I “deal with crazy people”. Society is so quick to label mental health in such an extreme and belittling way. If we would be honest with ourselves, we would realize that we all struggle with mental health. Our mental health is something we all must work on balancing and protecting.

No one asks for difficult circumstances to overcome. It’s pretty safe to say we are all seeking after a simple life in this regard. And although you may feel there is a giant gap between you and mental health, the truth is, you are much closer than you realize. The goal of this blog is to shed some light on mental health and share firsthand stories of the simple moments that changed my entire perception of individuals with disabilities. Because after all, there is something so beautiful about a simple life. Stay tuned.